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Unsurpassed power and functionality. Our flagship software.

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ListMate Pro

ListMate Pro - $97

The ultra-high speed industry workhorse email list management software.

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Three levels of cost-effective email list management solutions.

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The world of email marketing remains an immensely lucrative endeavour for those who know how to do things right. But specialized software tools are needed - pure email addresses need to be stripped from massive email logs, and email lists have to be cleaned, scrubbed, filtered, deduped, and prepped before anything can begin.

Plus, during your campaigns, you need to honor any remove/unsubscribe requests and keep your lists always up to date and clean. These, and many other time consuming and tedious list processing jobs are ABSOLUTELY necessary for success.

Fortunately, ListMate makes them all a breeze with an easy and straightforward interface... not to mention ripping through them at warp speed.


Don't get duped by the pirated, dodgy and crash-prone, knock-off copies out there like 'listmotor' or 'eListPro'. Turn to the original and trusted name in industrial strength email list management - ListMate. The one the professionals use.

We offer several levels of our software... one just right for your size business: the entry-level and very affordable ListMate Express, the powerful and full-featured ListMate Pro, and our flagship ListMate Pro Platinum.

Please browse the main menu above for full information on the features of each software, then go to our 'Download' page to download and try the fully-functional free 30-day demos.

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