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The world of email marketing is an immensely lucrative endeavour for those who know how to do things right. Added rules and regulations in the past few years has meant conducting mass email marketing campaigns is not quite as unfettered and unrestricted as in years before... but the other way to look at it is - that's a good thing. It weeds out the "fly-by-night" outfits who are not at all serious about the business and might simply make a bad name for the legitimate marketers. That means less competition, and increased profits for those with know-how, werewithal, and that adhere to email marketing best practices.

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Still... specialized mass email software tools are needed - pure email addresses need to be stripped from massive data logs, and lists of email addresses have to be cleaned, scrubbed, filtered, deduped, and prepped before anything can begin. This part of the process is crucial and cannot be overlooked or taken lightly.

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If you've ever had to perform any kind of manipulation on even a medium-size email address list or file of contacts, you know what a cumbersome chore it can be. For example, tasks like - extracting only Hotmail's, excluding all Yahoos, keeping only those from the UK or Canada, seeding your own tracking emails in your lists, filtering out all AOL's, .gov, .org, etc. The possibilities and headaches are endless.


Furthermore, during your email marketing campaigns, you must honor any remove/unsubscribe requests and keep your lists always up to date and clean. These, and many other time consuming and tedious list processing jobs are ABSOLUTELY compulsory for success, legitimacy, and forging a good reputation.

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So what's an entrepreneur to do to prepare his lists properly? Manually edit files in Notepad or Word? Forget about that... far too time-consuming, it would take you forever. Using a spreadsheet or database-type software? You will hit the upper limit and probably crash at around just 60 or 70 thousand lines of data. You absolutely need specialized bulk email software built exactly for the job. Not only that, you want them to be reasonably priced, intuitive, easy to use, and to work FAST.

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At ListMate - this is precisely the niche we specialize in. In fact, we pioneered high-speed, high-volume, industrial-strength email list processing back in 1996 with our debut software release. Since then it has evolved and grown into ListMate... and remains unrivalled in the industry. Simply put, we make the most comprehensive mass / bulk email list management software available. ListMate makes all your essential list management tasks a breeze with an easy and straightforward interface... not to mention ripping through these labor-intensive tasks at warp speed.


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Don't get fooled by the pirated, dodgy and crash-prone, knock-off copycats out there. Turn to the original and trusted name in industrial strength email list management & cleaning - ListMate. The one the professionals use.

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We offer several levels of our software... one just right for your size business: the entry-level and very affordable ListMate Express, the powerful and full-featured ListMate Pro, and our flagship powerhouse ListMate Pro Platinum.

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