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The De Facto Standard

For years, ListMate Pro Platinum has - and continues to be - the pinnacle in industrial-strength email list management software. It's ultra fast and the only program on the web to handle UNLIMITED file sizes! This program will save you tons of valuable time, and will handle literally ANYTHING you throw at it with ease.

These days, more than ever, it's crucial that stringent email marketing best practices are adhered to - whether you mail for your own purposes or provide email marketing services to others. It's essential you have the best email marketing software tools - ListMate Pro Platinum has all the functionality you need and more to stay compliant and successful in your advertising campaigns.

The software, of course, all the features of ListMate Pro, plus much more power, capacity, and functionality. To highlight a few:

  • ALL tools/screens can handle files of unlimited size! That's right - UNLIMITED! 50 gigs? 100 gigs? 500 gigs!? No problem... if you've got the free HD space, ListMate Pro Platinum will handle it. No other email list management software can make this claim - this is INDUSTRIAL STRENGTH email marketing software for your very large/huge mailing lists. However, you don't need to be a mass email marketer or a provider of email marketing services to use ListMate Pro Platinum... anyone who has large amounts of email addresses to manage will find this software absolutely indispensible.

  • Got a large database of contacts with many fields of info... not just email, but first name, last name, etc? Need a tool to process remove requests against this type of database? The REMOVER screen can accommodate master files containing data records with MANY fields of information. PERFECT for those wanting to get remove requests etc., out of their full data record databases/contact lists.

  • Got a file where you're wondering "Hmmm, what field was that email address in again?" Just double-clicking on the Input File name in the REMOVER brings up the Field Previewer screen where you just specify what the field separator character is, and it will instantly show you the field structure of your file. Invaluable!

  • Want to be able to strip out IP addresses, full proxies, phone numbers or fax numbers from any raw data file? No problem - in the CLEANER screen, you can choose from 1 of 6 different "extracting" modes:
    (1) Email addresses
    (2) ALL IP addresses
    (3) IP addresses within brackets only
    (4) ALL proxies
    (5) Proxies within brackets only
    (6) Phone/Fax numbers

  • Import unlimited keywords in the KEEPER/FILTERER screens. Any email address (or data record) containing any one of these words will be kept/kicked out, respectively.

  • The SEPARATOR screen has been completely re-done and expanded, with great new features added: 'Kick out these bad domains', 'Reject domains having less than a certain # of addresses', 'Add these domains in the country code files', and MUCH more.

  • With these new features in the SEPARATOR screen, you can create your own geographically-targeted email lists as detailed as you want - right down to the city if you wish.

  • Know some domains that belong to certain countries, that *don't* end in a country code suffix, but you'd like to be able to have them sorted to their appropriate separate country file? No problem - you can "program" ListMate Pro Platinum to recognize those domains and slot them to the country/region you specify. Invaluable for mass email marketers who target certain geographic regions.

  • The 'Address Generator' feature in the Utilities screen lets you specify a file of usernames and a file of domains then every possible email address will be 'manufactured' from them. Another innovative tool for the mass marketer.

  • FULL-FEATURED and fully configurable general-purpose sort utility is available in the UTILITIES screen. It allows you set up a fully customizable sort for both delimited or undelimited data file types... you can sort files of anything, doesn't have to be email addresses.

  • The fantastic AUTOMATER screen allows you to program ListMate Pro Platinum to automatically do each list processing task one-after-another in sequence. Launch it, then go for a coffee while your personal robot gets your tedious list-prepping work done!
  • New 'File Finder/Copier' feature in UTILITIES screen - EXTREMELY handy. Got hundreds, maybe even thousands of different email lists all scattered about your hard drive? In countless different directories nested God only knows how deep? Like to get all your email files together into one folder all nice and neat without having to pull all your hair out? Then you will love this. It will search ALL files under ALL sub-directories of a folder you specify (you can even specify C:\ if you want to scan your whole hard drive!) and copy all files according to the file size minimum and file extension you specify, to the folder you want. You won't find this feature ANYWHERE else.

  • The COUNTER tool gives COMPLETE and thorough breakdown of ALL domains in your list. Ranks them both alphabetically and by frequency.

Plus many more features and functions too numerous to mention. Have a look below at screenshots for each of ListMate Pro Platinum's 12 screens:


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For those of you wishing even more in-depth details and explanations on the many functions of ListMate Pro Platinum, you can browse the appropiate section of the full User's Manual here (a new browser window will open).