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Possessing many of the capabilities of its big brother Platinum, the mid-range ListMate Pro provides a more economical solution to comprehensive email list management / email list cleaning. It can handle total email address list sizes of up to a massive 2 gigs in size, provides innovative and detailed feedback/summary reports for all work done, and offers an extensive palette of advanced list-manipulation and list-processing functions.

ListMate Pro features 12 separate tools/screens each with its own host of features and options...all executed at lightning speed. We think you'll simply be amazed by what this software can do and how fast it does it.

To get a quick overview of functionality, have a look at each screen's summary below and click the highlighted link to view screen shots of each of the 12 screens:

  • (1) CLEANER - Extracts syntactically valid email addresses - either ALL of them, or only addresses following a specified key word or text string - from an unlimited number of raw input source files. Then de-dupes and sorts all the addresses found into one clean, neat text file - one address per line. Input files submitted can be of ANY format of readable file.

  • (2) MERGER - Takes your file of "New" emails and compares them to your "Master" file of emails. Adds the new ones to your Master file and creates a separate output file of *only* these new ones - these are the fresh new addresses you haven't already mailed to.

  • (3) REMOVER - Scrubs your Input File against any number of "Remove" files at warp-speed. In other words, the result will be everything in your Input File, MINUS everything in your Remove files - THOROUGH email list cleaning. Also allows you to exclude .mil, .gov, .org, .us, and/or .edu types from your mailings by simply checking their respective check-boxes. Fastest remover tool in the industry.

  • (4) FILTERER - Want to avoid AOL addresses or any other specific domains in your online marketing campaign? Want to exclude certain countries? Don't want to mail to any addresses in the states of California, Washington, or Virginia? Select any or all of the predefined address types, specify any unwanted country codes (ex. .uk, .sg, etc.), and/or specify an unlimited number of custom filtering criteria and the Filterer takes care of the rest.

  • (5) KEEPER - Like Filterer, but the inverse of it. Only want to send to certain types of addresses or domains? Just interested in addresses ending in .com and/or .net? Specify your 'keeping' criteria and Keeper will keep ONLY those addresses and kick out the rest.

  • (6) SAMPLER - Draw out a 'sample' from a larger address file in one of three ways :
    (a) Select every "Nth" address starting at address "x". You can either specify the numeric position of the email address to start at, or the email address itself.
    (b) Obtain a completely random sample of "x" number of addresses from the file.
    (c) Draw out a consecutive chunk of "n" addresses starting at address "x". You can either specify the numeric position of the email address to start at, or the email address itself.

  • (7) SEPARATOR - Absolutely essential to speeding up the actual mailing process and for getting mail through to some stubborn domains. Will arrange your list in one of three ways :

    (a) Separate by Domain/Sort - Rearranges the addresses in your file to be grouped within their own domain... and within that, in alphabetical order.
    (b) Separate by Domain/Randomize - Rearranges the addresses in your file to be grouped within their own domain... and within that, in random order.
    (c) Randomize Whole File - Simply randomizes (ie. scrambles) the addresses within the file.

    There are 3 optional sub-modes that you can choose any of, or all. Of particular interest to targeted marketers and list brokers is the 'Create a separate file for each country code' option. Saves tons of work and time.

  • (8) SEEDER - Automatically 'seed' your outgoing lists with your own email address(es) in order to monitor your mailing's progress. Choose from 1 of 3 seeding modes.

  • (9) COUNTER - Ultra-high speed address counting tool. Also provides a graphical breakdown of the composition of your email list.
  • (10) SPLITTER - Takes a large master file and splits it up into smaller files either by a specified number of addresses per file, or a specified number of equally sized files. Lightning fast.

  • (11) AUTOMATER - Puts it all together for you. Simply select and setup the individual tasks you wish to perform and click GO. The fantastic AUTOMATER tool will do it all, hands-free, one step after another! Saves MUCH time and manual work.

  • (12) UTILITIES - A suite of 8 powerful and lightning fast list manipulation tools:

    (a) Straight Append mode - Simply appends or 'tacks together' (ie. does NOT sort/de-dupe) any files you specify.
    (b) Merge/Sort/De-dupe - General purpose sorting utility... use it on anything you want sorted and de-duped... doesn't have to be address files. Of course, no address "cleaning" (as in the CLEANER) is done - just a straight sort/de-dupe.
    (c) Sort by domain, no duplicate domains - Takes the address files you submit to it and strips out *just* the domains (the part after the @ sign) and then removes the duplicates, leaving you with a list of just the unique domains.
    (d) Keep only what comes before @ sign - Keeps only the "Username" portion of the email address and omits the rest.
    (e) Strip out only these exact characters - Specify a text string and every occurence of that string will be deleted.
    (f) Add a specified extension to the end - Specify a text string and it will be tacked on to the end of every line in your specified input file(s).
    (g) Add a specified prefix to the beginning - Specify a text string and it will be inserted at the beginning of every line in your specified input file(s).
    (h) Replace this text with different text - Like doing a "Find and Replace" in Notepad or Wordpad - but INFINITELY faster.

    Each one of these 8 individual utilities can handle virtually an UNLIMITED number of input files.

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