ListMate Icon Acclaimed bulk, mass email software/service for email list mgmt.

ListMate is great, but don't just take our word for it. Here are some comments from happy customers:

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"Shawn, the praise for your creation has been a long time coming as we've been using your ListMate software for well over 10 years now, and in one word, it's - "priceless"! We've tried every other option known to man and nothing compares. ListMate handles the most difficult tasks effortlessly it's truly been a lifesaver - thanks Shawn!"
Gil at R1 Ventures, Newport Beach, CA, USA

"Just a note to tell you that I have really enjoyed using ListMate Pro this whole week. I've used other programs in the past i.e Floodgate, Extractor-Pro and other bulk email list managers and mass email services, but your program has everyone beat by a mile. The big plus is the ease of use, sheer speed and intuitive layout. Keep up the good work"
L.A. - Rockville, MD, USA


"I meant to tell you how much I like the program. I have 3 or 4 other mass email softwares for list management but none are even close to what ListMate Pro can do. It is the only one I trust to handle a large operation. Thanks again."
B.K. - Louisville, KY, USA

" Thank you for producing the best product in email list management. This is the fastest and easiest bulk email software for list management on the market."
M.S. - Santa Ana, CA, USA


"I have now been using ListMate for nearly a decade, and it is truly one of the best executed business tools I've ever used. I use it still, and have no plans to change. Easy to use, and it has more features than any other programs I've tried, and it's bug free. There isn't another program like it anywhere, and the customer service is the best, Shawn goes above and beyond with customer support for this amazing tool, and you always get a timely and friendly response. Truly one of the best in the business".
G.M. - Fontana, CA, USA

"Shawn this is a GREAT program!! I can't live without it I use it on every list I buy! Anyone who knows lists should use ListMate Pro. I have had no reason to search for something else. It's also a great deal as far as cost. A++".
R.B. - Cedar Hills, UT, USA


"...it's nice to find someone who stands behind their product. This is great software I think it's worth every penny, thanks again."
D.G. - Deerfield Beach, FL, USA

"A GREAT GREAT program you have there mate !! I don't know how we did without it... we use it everyday! Anyone who handles lists of ANY size MUST have ListMate Pro, its as simple as that. We are really impressed - you can use my name, email address and even phone number if you wish in any of your advertising - no problem; its really great to run accross a good product for a change, you could charge twice the price and your customers would still be getting a heck of a deal."
W.S. - Edmonton, AB, Canada

"I absolutely love ListMate Pro!! This has to be the most awesome piece of Internet marketing software online today. I'll definitely be buying this one! All the best."
P.C. - Plano, TX, USA


"ListMate Pro - The best full featured email list management software on the market! This is the best comprehensive list maintenance tool that does it ALL and does it much better than any other product. Choose from tons of features to better manage your email lists. Download the demo free. 5 stars out of 5!"
Chris Jensen - Globe Reach

" I currently use Mega EMail list manager and have found it to be good, but when I tried ListMate Pro, the speed was just INCREDIBLE! Now I want YOUR program as it totally blew me away! "
J.D. - Hollister, CA, USA


" Thank You for ListMate Pro...I have never had a program that meets all my needs like this !"
C.R. - Durban, South Africa


"Starting off with BulkMate, then ListMate, then ListMate Pro Platinum I have been using the Listmate product line for over 10 years. The ListMate products have been invaluable in my data management business and are both versatile and reliable. And don't forget the service. Anytime I have ever needed anything, Shawn at ListMate has be right there with the solutions and/or answers. Great products and great service...what else is there...".
O.G. - List Broker, Coral Gables, FL, USA

"This program is the greatest thing since sliced bread, it has made my life so much easier."
H.C. - Fort Lauderdale, FL, USA


"I find this program to be the most important tool for my email management program."
J.H. - Durango, CO, USA

"Thanks for your quick response, ListMate Pro is an awesome product and I cant wait to use the full version."
J.J. - Raleigh, NC, USA

" I do think it's the best tool I've ever used and being a 'non-techie' type, even I can use it!"
D.R. - Martinez, CA, USA

" I just purchased ListMate Pro after preview...I love it! It is the greatest email list management software I have ever used!"
S.S. -Land O'Lakes, FL, USA


" We've been working with ListMate Pro for the last few days, and all I can say is incredible! I sent my partner the ListMate Pro demo, and he was blown away with the software as well. I can definitely speak from experience in sorting, filtering and managing names, this is the best and fastest thing I've ever seen."
G.M. - Brentwood, TN, USA


"I've been very impressed with your software. It has features that I have been screaming for. "
P.M. - Grafton, WI, USA

" Thank you again and I think your software is GREAT!!!!! "
C.B. - McDonough, GA, USA


" ListMate Pro really takes care of business. It blew my ExtractorPro 6.1 out of the water!! You warriors who own ExtractorPro, do yourself a favor and try this out. It's a free trial."
L.K. - Hawaii, USA

" I put ListMate Pro to the test today and went through a CD of 16 million emails in no time! Unlike others who bulk email, I'm not interested in AOL and Compuserve type addresses at all. I want the addresses of people at the companies where they work. That's why your program is such a godsend. I can plug in all the company domain names in one shot as custom criteria in the KEEPER utility and away I go. Beautiful!"
E.K. - Montreal, Que., Canada


"Wanted to email you to let you know that I am absolutely THRILLED with your program, it is, simply the best program like it. This program is saving me so much time and aggravation you can't imagine, it's the one thing about this business that is perfect at the moment. I would be glad to attest to the merits of this program anytime."
R.S. - Palm Harbor, FL, USA